What Channels Does Marketing Automation Work With? – Cracking The Code Of Marketing Automation

We’ve talked about drip campaigns, email deliverability, and some other things related to marketing automation. Now it’s the time to discuss how well does it integrate with other online marketing channels. Does it compete with them? Do they reinforce each other? You’re about to find out.

Before you jump into the video recording, perhaps you’ll want to refresh your memory and take a look at our previous episodes. Should you have missed any of them or just want to make sure you’re all familiar with the concepts, check out these links below.

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Now that you’re ready, here’s the video recording of the discussion in which Lon answers a few questions about marketing automation and its relation to other online marketing channels. You’ll also learn that Santa Claus was born in the Netherlands on the Santa Claus day. And If you prefer to read the transcript instead, you’ll find it later down this post.



Let us know what you think about it. If you’d like to ask Lon or Michal a question, or simply share your thoughts on the topic, just go to the comments section and join the discussion. We’d appreciate your feedback!

Michael Leszczynski: Now since we have been talking about Facebook and social media in general. What sort of channels do you believe marketing automation works with? Is it just email? Or what do you believe it should work with?

Lon Safko: Well, you know, pretty much any kind of digital marketing whatsoever. I rely on two platforms, I rely on email marketing because I like email the best, it’s the most effective, I have four times as many people in my email list as I have friends on Facebook.

ML: Yeah, and you have quite a few friends on Facebook I imagine.

LS: Yeah, I do, with the Social Media Bible I had accumulated quite a few friends and Twitter, and all the networks. But I really focus on email list building because that really has the best conversion. So, email marketing automation, absolutely, gotta do it. Then on the other side of it, you know, you use something like HootSuite. Hoot like an owl, suite like a hotel, you know it’s awesome you can either use the free version of it or you can get the upgraded 9.95 US dollars a month, which is really, it’s like three Starbucks coffees, so not a lot.

ML: So many of us can relate.

LS: Platforms can work through HootSuite, because it’ll work with every one of them. It works with Facebook and Twitter, multiple pages on Facebook by the way, so if you have all different pages and groups you can do that. Twitter, LinkedIn, G+ (Google+), so the cool thing is I can create one post but if I’m traveling and I want to send a live post, operate one post, I use HootSuite and bam, goes out to every one of my platforms. On my automated posts what I’ll do is, I have an excel spreadsheet that has a 150, I have multiple sheets that have about a 150 in each, so I can take those 150 and they automatically schedule themselves every two hours during the course of the day. I hit the button, I’m done for three months, I don’t have to do a thing on any of my platforms for three months other than live updates. Could you imagine how much work that saves me? So I like HootSuite.

ML: Yeah I can imagine all the places I’d visit myself during that time, 3 months off. Well OK, but you do have to reply to people.

LS: You have to pay attention, you’ve got to watch comments, you’ve got to participate in the conversation, so if one of these posts go out and someone comments on it you need to respond. But, see, that’s the thing, I don’t have to worry about pushing the content out originally. I now can focus on what’s really the most important thing and that’s actually connecting with my customers on a one-to-one basis, because not only does that customer feel special because I answered a comment that they wrote, but other people are watching this conversation and they know that if I’ve taken the time, I’m sincere person, which I am.

ML: If they didn’t know that already. That’s true, and you know, these days with automation you can plug in your ecommerce site, your messages, your social media posts, and you know much more than that. You know that all of the messages are going to be valuable to your audience. You can talk to them about the products that they watch, the messages that they’ve opened, the products they want to buy, or if you want them to review them, perhaps suggest something else that you know the audience might like. So you have plenty of opportunities. Even text messages, you can plug them together so they will follow up afterwards. It’s just amazing how much the media has changed over the years and how much digital marketers have to learn about, these days.

LS: Absolutely, and by the way, also use an image, use a 72 DPI small image when you do use HootSuite to post anything, because you know as well as I do, when you’re going down the Facebook list of all the people that have posted, you never stop at anybody who just does text, you only stop on images and photos, so that’s really important.

ML: Right, yeah, images speak more than words, right?

LS: Confucius says, a picture’s worth a thousand words so video’s worth 10,000.

ML: I’m sure our video manager is happy about it. Yet another year of the video, right?

LS: Yeah, video’s really important, video is the most effective form of communication, beyond anything, beyond anything at all. We’re human, we look at each other’s facial expressions, we look at how you move your eyebrows, your facial gestures. Because we can tell whether somebody is sincere, whether they’re telling the truth, whether they’re lying, so that when someone is sincere, video is really the only way that you can convey all of that. Tonal quality is how your voice goes up and down, those are all signs of whether or not you can trust somebody.

ML: That’s absolutely right.

LS: And never put a video in an email. Use a link.

ML: That’s true, perhaps a little image that looks like a video player but not the actual video. I can imagine many people are still struggling. I know quite a few people have been asking us about it, like “how do you do it?”, “but I still want it” so even if we tell them – don’t, because it’s not supported by many email clients, they still want it.

LS: I know. Well, plus the other thing is, if you send out an email, let’s say to your list and let’s say that there’s a hundred people that work at a large corporation or uses a GoDaddy email server when that server sees your email coming in and it sees a 100, 200, 300 copies of that video, it is so huge! Remember, it’s not just the one email that goes out it’s all the emails that hit that server about the same time. When it sees it sees it, look I’m not eating up my hard drive space, because this is obviously too large and it’ll block everything just because the email is too large but a link has really effectively no content whatsoever.

ML: That’s true, and you know, people can watch it at their own convenience, in their favorite browser, media player, so yeah you know, it’s it’s a nice way of making their life easier, right?

LS: Yeah, it is. And I like to post everything up on YouTube anyway, even videos that I’m putting in my email. Why not? If somebody is in YouTube and puts in the right keywords and comes across that video, well that’s somebody that I never would have in my email list anyway and that viewer can convert into a customer. And I actually had that happen! There was a woman in the Netherlands who saw one of my videos that I just put up there, wasn’t even a marketing video and she says “I like the way you speak, would you mind coming to the Netherlands? We’ll fly you first-class, put you up in hotels and have you speak to all the Universities in the Netherlands, and pay you!” I was like Okay!

ML: I imagine the answer was yes?

LS: The answer definitely was yes.

ML: I can imagine it was beautiful, right?

LS: Oh it really was wonderful and I got to be in the town where Santa Claus was born on Santa Claus day.

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Make Your Email Marketing Campaigns More Effective With These 8 Tips

Email serves as an oasis of peace and tranquility in an ocean of chaos. As a precision targeted marketing strategy, it’s hard to beat. However, it is not easy to tap into that power. You have to do it right or else you will end up spending time and money on a strategy that will get you precisely… nowhere. Here are 8 tips for how to make your email marketing strategy really work.


1) Use the double opt-in method

The double opt-in method for collecting email addresses involves having your visitors confirm their subscription to the email list after they enter their email address in your subscription form on your landing page.

Most people would say that the alternative, single opt-in, would make it easier to grow an email database, but the fact is you can’t be sure about the validity of the emails you’re getting. Some people just want to take whatever you’re offering that they perceive as valuable to them without sharing their real email. It could also be a spam bot, which will just waste your substance.

Using the double opt-in method ensures that the email addresses you get are real, and that your subscribers are truly willing to commit, and most likely to engage when it comes right down to business. The double opt-in method helps you avoid being sent to the spam folder, especially if you include interesting visuals. Statistics show that double opt-in increases your conversion significantly.


2) Actually give them something they can use

People love getting free stuff. A study by Bluewire Media showed that people on their email list were 66% more likely to click through an email’s call to action (CTA) if that meant they’re going to get a free template. That doesn’t mean that a free template is going to get the same response from a subscriber to a language learning website for example. Offering a word of the day may be a better choice in that case.

Therefore, you need to give your target audience something in which they perceive value. This makes them more likely to open your emails.


3) Stick to light media

You should not embed JavaScript, Flash or video in your emails because even if your email recipients would enjoy them, their email client will probably block it.

Links to videos can increase your email’s CTR. However, the same article states embedding the video in your email sends a red flag to your email client, which would block it.

You shouldn’t use JavaScript or any kind of dynamic scripts either, because your Internet Service Provider will not send it through due to security issues. If you have something you really want to share a video or Flash file with your subscribers, you can use an image and embed a link to that it, wherever it is.




4) Do not call your subscribers by name unless you are 100% sure

Most people are suspicious of emails that start with Dear {insert name here}, unless you have already built a relationship with them, such as a previous purchase. That would legitimately give you access to their real names, at least.

Trying to come off as too chummy too soon can make them even more suspicious about where you are getting your information. At the very least, you might get the name wrong as some people give fake names for casual subscriptions, and that is more likely to repel them for adopting such fake familiarity than to impress them.

You can still personalize your email by displaying some knowledge of their purchase or search preferences based on what they include in their registration or check out on your website. That gives them the impression that you do your homework, and not just rely on the automated insert of “Mess O. Potamia.”


5) Strictly limit the number of emails you send

The frequency of your email blasts depends on many factors. As a marketing strategy, you want to build brand awareness with your audience.

At the same time, you have to make sure that each time you send an email, you have something important or relevant to give them. You still need well-written and compelling copy to ensure you’re on brand and will resonate with your target audience.

On the other hand, sending an email too often can lessen the impact of your efforts. Many marketers believe that you should send emails at least once a month, and preferably once every two weeks.

This is not a hard and fast rule, however. You need to decide what your sweet spot for your email strategy by checking how many opens you actually have each time you send an email, and take note how the frequency of your emails vis-a-vis your content affects your statistics.




6) Mix promotional with useful information

Of course you’d like to use your email blasts to sell your products or services, but you can’t just send emails asking them to buy and not give them anything in return. Unless you’re giving discount codes or an offer, people are not interested in purely promotional content.


7) Describe the point of your email in the first sentence of your email

You want your email recipients to open your message, so you have to motivate to do exactly that. Most email systems allow people to read the first line before opening the email, so you want to include your main point in the first sentence. Below is a good example of what will look like.


8) Avoid common spam trigger words

The subject line is like the title of an article. It serves a very important function in getting people to open an email, almost as important as the sender’s name.

However, there’re certain words you have to avoid if you don’t want your emails end up in the spam folders.  These include words such as Attention, Sale, Cheap, Free, 100% free, Act Now, Affordable, Amazing stuff, Apply now; and the list can go on!

Email marketing is an excellent strategy to promote your business and build your brand, but only if you do it right. You can send out one thousand emails and still not getting the results you want for your business.


Now back at you

Please let me know what you think about these 8 points. Do you have more points to add to this list? Please use the comment section below to share your thoughts.


About the author: Stacey Marone is a freelance writer and a social media marketer. She creates magnetic content optimized for search. In her free time, she also does volunteer work and organizes some activities for children. Her passions involve painting, reading, and writing.

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Five New Features: GetResponse Mobile App For Android

Real time access to information and data is one of the most important factors for conducting an effective marketing campaign. Lack of timely response to events related to your brand can harm your business reputation. This is exactly why we’ve developed a mobile app, as a practical solution, in response to this critical business need.

Our aim is to create value for our customers and make their business life easier. Hence we’ve made the app available to both iOS and Android users, and it allows 24/7 access to key information related to your individual campaigns.

Since user experience is incredibly important to us, we’ve released an updated version of our mobile app for Android. This new update gives you better control over your email marketing campaign, right from your smartphone or tablet.


Campaign Summary

As of today, there’s a new Campaign Summary card on your Dashboard, through which you can check the most important information about your campaigns. From here you’re able to monitor how many active autoresponders, forms and landing pages you have.

Additionally, you can see how many messages you’ve sent to your subscribers in the last 30 days, as well as the stats for open and click through rates. But that’s not all! When you tap on the card you’ll see more granular stats with a custom date functionality. It’s all presented in a very attractive visual form.


GetResponse mobile app android GetResponse mobile app android






Global Search

Search for information about your campaign performance has never been faster and easier. Thanks to the new Global Search feature you can search for your contacts, messages, forms and landing pages directly through your dashboard, using your smartphone or tablet. We then display the results for you within seconds, so you just tap on the item that you want to explore in detail.


GetResponse mobile app android GetResponse mobile app android








Advanced search for contacts

Are you looking for contacts who have a specific tag? Or those with a score value greater than zero? Or perhaps people who subscribed before a specific date? Now you can easily do that through the mobile app. Here’s how:

  • go to the Contacts List view
  • tap the filter button
  • set your search parameters and that’s it!

Then you magically see the list of contacts that match your defined criteria. You can also sort contacts via your GetResponse mobile app and send them a message regardless of where you are. Isn’t this cool?!


GetResponse mobile app android GetResponse mobile app android





Tag and score information in contact details

Now you can easily access the information about tags which have been assigned to your individual subscribers. Not only that, you can also assign new tags or remove an existing one. In addition, there’s a new tab called “Score” where you can see:

  • information about the current score value of a selected subscriber
  • the score value changes history


GetResponse mobile app android GetResponse mobile app android global search


Multiuser support

All our clients can have a multi-user account where different users can access the platform at the same time, and even with different access privileges. As of today, we made this possible for all our mobile app users.

Each user who logs-into the app can only have access to the features that they have permission to. Another cool thing about GetResoponse mobile app, right?


GetResponse Blog inside the mobile app

Do you want to keep up to date with online marketing tips as well as product updates? We again made that simple for you without leaving the app. Now you can read the articles posted on GetResponse Blog within the app.


GetResponse mobile app android GetResponse mobile app android







Look and feel

Last but not least, we’ve improved the design of GetResponse mobile app to make it visually attractive, intuitive and user friendly. We committed to deliver such updates, because we know how busy you are and how important it is to you to be in control of your marketing campaigns while being on the go.

With GetResponse mobile app, you probably don’t need to log-into the GetResponse website to monitor your campaigns. Almost everything you need to know and to do can be performed via our mobile app.


GetResponse mobile app android GetResponse mobile app android








We’d like to invite you to use the new version of the app and discover all the new features. Join the group of our happy mobile app users for Android. Please feel free to share your feedback with me or ask me any question which you may have.

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Have You Registered for CRO Day 2016?

CRODay blog cover image

Remember when you were a teenager and you wanted to get your [insert body part here] pierced because, “literally everyone is doing it”? And your mom was all, “Oh come on, [insert your first name here], would you jump off a bridge because everyone was doing it?”

Well, in most cases Mom was right. Trends are called trends for a reason: they come, they go and they might leave you with an undesirable extra hole in your head.

There is an exception, though: conversion rate optimization (a.k.a. CRO).

CRO Google Trends graph
Google Trends report for Conversion Rate Optimization over the past 10 years.

Everyone’s doing it — even the presidential candidates. And if you’re not doing it — or you’re not doing enough of it — you could be letting conversions, and thus sales, slip through your fingers and into the hands of your competitors.

So what’s a savvy marketer to do but trawl the internet for posts on “How to Conversion Rate Optimization”? (Please don’t search for that, it’s not English.)

Enter CRO Day.

What is it? CRO Day is a full day of online events for conversion-driven digital marketers. Events include five webinars, two panels, one Slack workshop, one AMA… and a five-second Landing Page Showdown.

When is it? Thursday, September 29, 2016.

Where is it? Your couch, your office, wherever you are most comfortable learning all things CRO. All Unbounce-hosted CRO Day events are 100% online.

Who’s gonna be there? You. And me. But also: Andre Morys, Talia Wolf, David DarmaninPeep Laja and many, many more.

What are the highlights?

  • The Five-Second Showdown. Join 10 conversion experts and host Oli Gardner as they dissect and improve CRO Day attendees’ landing pages based on the ol’ five-second test.
  • An epic panel discussion featuring Joanna Wiebe, Joel Klettke and Kira Hug. The topic? How to Write Killer Copy Without Being Shady.
  • Some of your most burning CRO questions answered, like “I have all this data, but what do I do with it?” and “How can I get more conversions out of your traffic?”
  • Community events! If you’d like to host a webinar or in-person event to celebrate CRO Day or if you want to join in on an existing event, check out our Community Events Agenda on Inbound.Org

Don’t miss out on the online digital marketing event of the year. Register today!

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