14 Times in Business You Should A/B Test [INFOGRAPHIC]

People are funny. They often mistake their personal opinions for facts (myself included). And this doesn’t just happen IRL — it happens in business, too.

Ever heard some iteration of this around the ol’ office? “We need to make the button orange. I read somewhere once that it needs to be orange, otherwise we’re wasting our time.”

Or what about this one? “People hate popups. You should never use popups, because no one ever fills them out. They just don’t work.”

Yep, it’s no secret that people often let their biases keep them from discovering the truth, which is why you need to test, test, TEST. Only by testing can you figure out if your hunch — or better yet, your educated hypothesis — is valid. Or whether you actually just fell victim to your own personal biases.

The infographic below, by A/B testing software company VWO, shares a few instances in which you might want to A/B test. Yes, it’s a bit tongue in cheek, but the key message is this: Having a hunch isn’t a sufficient reason to run an A/B test. If your designer or HiPPO is pushing for a test, encourage them to bring a little data and an educated hypothesis to the table.


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Original Source: 14 Times in Business You Should A/B Test [INFOGRAPHIC]


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