A Solopreneur’s Journey Into Marketing Automation

If you’re a solopreneur, you’re constantly busy running one aspect of your business or another. The last thing you have time to do is to adopt yet another marketing channel. Or so you think…

Marketing Automation will have a learning curve, there’s no doubt about that. If you’re already using email marketing, adding automation will make you more efficient. Once the big content creation and platform adoption period is over, it will end up saving you time – and eventually bringing in sales. But you have to do the work first – automation isn’t magic.

In this eBook, Barry Feldman of Feldman Creative shares his solopreneur journey in using Marketing Automation. He’ll tell you about his introduction to the concept of “inbound marketing” and how he started to apply that to his efforts. He’ll talk about his early work with email marketing and automation, including the first email service providers he worked with. More than that, he’ll share his current work with automation. He talks about what’s most successful for him, what he’s not using as much as others, and what information he can’t live without.

Most importantly, he gives solopreneurs who wish to adopt marketing automation a basic, three-step guide to get them started. From there, he gives suggestions about what can come next.


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