11 Habits You Need To Develop To Become A Brilliant Email Marketer

As you already know, we believe in sharing insights to make the life of marketers all around the world just a little bit easier. This time we explored The State of Email Marketing by Industry report and Holistic Email Marketing in partnership with Smart Insights. We used the data and recommendations to identify the key areas for improvement for all those who want to go way beyond an average email marketing practice.

Based on our findings, we’ve created an infographic presenting 11 habits you need to develop in order to become a brilliant email marketer.

Starting with improving your email marketing strategy, tracking subscriber activity, designing automation workflows all the way up to purposefully creating a business case for more budget and resources – use the following infographic to develop your email marketing skills and become a true email marketing expert.


GetResponse Email Marketing


Now your turn


What do you think about our infographic? Please share your view in the comment section below. We look forward to hearing from you!

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