Coming Soon: The All-New GetResponse

We love sharing our news with you. And today’s announcement is huge, because you’re about to see the all-new GetResponse!

This summer, you’ll experience an entirely different version of your favorite platform – now your command center for all your online marketing. Want to take a look inside?  

Why the change?

You’ve probably noticed we really value your feedback. So we listened to all our customers’ comments and requests, and decided it was time for a change. A huge change.

You’ve seen us add features like webinars and marketing automation. But we knew we could do even more to make GetResponse your complete marketing platform. As well as more user-friendly. Or as I like to say, people-friendly.

So our brilliant UX designers, developers, product managers, content strategists, and marketers have worked hard for months to make that happen.


All-new, all-in-one

The new GetResponse isn’t just better looking. We’ve completely redefined the way we think about GetResponse and online marketing. In fact, we’ve built a brand new platform to bring you a fully integrated, all-in-one online marketing software experience.


What’s new?

Everything. The new GetResponse has six fully integrated modules, working together to streamline your marketing activities, like email creation and workflow management. At the heart of it all are now your contacts, powering all of the modules from a single source, and keeping them synced with data that’s always up to date. So you can easily track your leads and customers at every stage of their journey.

New GetResponse Architecture


It’s clear and transparent. And no matter how many modules you use, you get a birds-eye look at your results, to take the best next step. Meet your new dashboard.


New GetResponse Dashboard


Here’s what you get at a glance:

  • New platform architecture with fully integrated products. So you can build clear communications with your audience – and get a complete picture of each customer.
  • Fully customizable interface that adapts to how you work. So you can see all the data you need to make the right decisions.
  • Widget-based dashboard to set up your own unique management hub.
  • New sleek design and layout for easier navigation – and the best possible experience.


Dashboard Widget Library


How does that sound?

Well, that’s not all folks! We’re also rolling out the new…


Customer Relationship Management tool (beta)

In 1998, our CEO Simon Grabowski launched GetResponse as a simple autoresponder service. Then it became an email marketing platform. We later added landing pages, webinars and marketing automation.

But one big part of the online marketing puzzle was missing. Until now. We’re thrilled to show you the beta version of our new CRM system – part of the new GetResponse platform.


GetResponse CRM


Ever wished you could manage your sales pipeline in one interface, instead of integrating and paying for different services? Now you can! With our CRM, you can streamline your sales and marketing with one easy-to use, scalable tool. Without spending big on extra software – or hiring more people.


What you need to know

I know you probably have lots of questions. So I’ll answer a few for you:

  • If you’re on a paid account in English, you’ll get to try the new GetResponse in We’ll be rolling out the new interface gradually.
  • Want to see it sooner and be a beta tester? Just sign up using the form below.
  • You can still use the old version, while we beta test the new one. And you can switch back at any time (but I don’t think you’ll want to!)
  • You’ll pay the same for your account as you do now.
  • During the beta phase, you can keep using the CRM tool with your paid account. To keep using it after we’re out of beta, you’ll need at least a Pro account.
  • Multi-user access will not be available in the new interface until the beta phase ends. For now, you’ll only be able to use it with the old version of GetResponse.
  • You might find some features missing or incomplete in the beta version. Don’t worry – we’re working to get everything ready for the final release.


Of course, our team is always here to help. So just let us know if you have any other questions.


Get early access

Fill in this form to try out the new GetResponse before everyone else.


Not just email marketing. All your marketing.

Now you can do it all: collect and nurture leads, and close sales. With all the data at your fingertips, in one easy-to-use platform. That’s what the new GetResponse really means for you.

Soon you can see it for yourself. And I bet you’ll be as excited as we are!

So stay tuned while we keep working to bring you the new GetResponse experience. And watch this space for updates!

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